Why Choose Us

Gold and Silver Bullion Traders is your one-stop shop for valuable metals like gold and silver. If you wish to trade old/new precious metal jewellery, buy or sell gold and silver bullions and coins, you can count on us to be your trusted choice.

The Latest Gold Testing Technology

Gold and Silver Bullion Traders always stays in sync with the latest technology. We use innovative devices like X-Ray Fluorescence machine to accurately analyze and evaluate the purity and weight of gold and silver items.


Guaranteed Best Price in the Industry  

We guarantee the best price in the industry for your old, new or unused precious metal jewellery. Our technologically advanced machinery helps us to evaluate accurately and offer you the best price in the industry. We keep our rates transparent and open to all.


Our Commitment to Our Customers

Gold and Silver Bullion Traders always maintain the high level of service takes pride in serving millions of satisfied customers over the years. We provide customers a trusted platform to exchange old or unused or new gold ornaments or coins at the best rates so that they get the best liquidity value.


Get Paid in Real Cash instead of Cash Cheques

Get instant cash at best rates for unwanted, unfashionable, or broken gold and silver jewellery pieces. Enjoy quick payment turnarounds and get paid in real cash instead of cash cheques.